Doctors agree.

Voted #1 Surgical
Center in Brooklyn.

Doctors agree.

We care like your
doctor cares.

Doctors agree.

Multispecialty surgery
center providing expert
medical care.

About Brooklyn Surgery Center

Newsweek Ranks Brooklyn Surgery Center as #1 in Brooklyn

Brooklyn Surgery Center is a modern, state-of-the-art, multispecialty surgery center providing expert medical care in the heart of Brooklyn.

It was established by a group of physicians who wanted to help meet the needs of patients who require outpatient surgery in a convenient, safe, local, neighborhood facility. It was designed for doctors, with a focus on helping them complete surgeries and procedures in a safe, timely way, supported by a strong in-house medical team.


Nurse Facility at Brooklyn Surgery Center
Check in reception at Brooklyn surgery center
Nurse beds at Brooklyn Ambulatory Surgery Center
Lounge chairs at Brooklyn Surgery Center
Lounge and waiting rooms at Brooklyn Surgery Center
Main lounge room at Brooklyn Surgery Center
Operating room at Brooklyn Surgery Center
Modern operating room at Brooklyn Surgery Center
how to get to Ambulatory Brooklyn Surgery Center
Nurse Facility at Brooklyn Surgery Center
Check in reception at Brooklyn surgery center
Nurse station beds at Brooklyn Surgery Center
Lounge space at Brooklyn Surgery Center
Lounge room at Brooklyn Surgery Center
Nurse and beds at Brooklyn Surgery Center
Operating room at Brooklyn Surgery Center
Modern operating room at Brooklyn Surgery Center
how to get to Ambulatory Brooklyn Surgery Center


The Best Doctors Choose to Work Here
Brooklyn Surgery Center is a premier facility that attracts excellent physicians and surgeons because it supports a wide range of procedures and operations in a safe, supportive environment. Your doctor will determine which procedures are needed to address your needs. Brooklyn Surgery’s role is to proactively help your doctor to help you. Our specialties include: Gastroenterology, Orthopedics, Pain Management, IVF/GYN, Colorectal Surgery, General Surgery, Podiatry, Plastic Surgery, Urology, and Pediatric Urology.

For Patients

We Care Like Your Doctor Cares

Welcome to Brooklyn Surgery Center. The forms below are designed to make it easier for you to prepare for your procedure and to provide feedback afterwards, so that we can continue to improve the service that helped us become the #1 Rated Ambulatory Service Center in Brooklyn.

At least 2 days Before Your Procedure:

Answer All The Questions On the Patient Packet

If you like, you can answer all the questions on the online form and then print it from there. If it’s easier, you can download and print the form, then fill it in by hand.

Completing these forms is for convenience only. We don’t keep the information you provide online.

Bring the completed forms with you.

When you are done, please check it over and then on the day of your procedure, please bring the completed forms with you.

For Physicians

Voted #1 Surgery Center in Brooklyn. By doctors like you.

Thank you for choosing Brooklyn Surgery Center for your patient’s care. We appreciate your choice and work hard to earn your trust.

Our commitment is to provide you with top tier service, starting with our experienced and specialized nursing staff, who will provide quality and compassionate care to your patients.

It extends to our support teams who go the extra mile to help make your visit and the patient’s visit as seamless and as comfortable as possible.

This commitment is reflected in our state-of-the-art surgical facility which is maintained at the highest level of cleanliness and safety. Unlike hospitals, we don’t actively treat patients with Covid-19. We are current on all Covid-19 CDC and New York State Department of Health recommendations.

For the convenience of you and your patients, if you would like a copy of the Brooklyn Surgery Center “Patient Instruction Packet’ for your office, please download here:


Amr Abdelgawad, MD, MBA Orthopedics Phone 718-283-7400
Wallen Chan, MD Gasteroenterology Phone 718-448-1122
Tendai M. Chiware, MD GYN/IVF Phone718-283-8600
Jack Choueka, MD Orthopedics Phone718-283-7400
Glen Donovan, DPM Podiatry Phone718-425-7100
David M. Edelstein, MD Orthopedics Phone718-283-7400
Orry Erez, MD Orthopedics Phone718-283-7400
Richard Fazio, MD Gasteroenterology Phone718-748-2110
Joseph Felicia, MD Orthopedics Phone718-283-7400
Marian Fleischer, MD Colorectal Surgery Phone718-836-3603
Jamie Freyle, MD Peds Urology Phone718-833-2600
Steven Friedman, MD Peds Urology Phone718-283-7743
Elliot Fuhrer, MD Gasteroenterology Phone718-972-9115
Calogero Gambino, MD Orthopedics Phone929-455-2000
David Gleirman, DPM Podiatry Phone718-434-0007
Richard V. Grazi, MD GYN/IVF Phone718-748-2110
Jack Husney, MD Gasteroenterology Phone917-727-1760
Kadirawel Iswara, MD Gasteroenterology Phone718-615-0400
Kevin Kang, MD Orthopedics Phone718-283-7400
Himansh Khanna, MD Urology Phone347-889-6640
Jacob L. Khurgin, MD Urology Phone718-283-7711
Robert Kodsi, MD Gasteroenterology Phone718-851-6767
Seth Lapin, DO Gasteroenterology Phone718-972-1840
Alvin Leb, MD Gasteroenterology Phone718-336-2218
Jianjun Li, MD Gasteroenterology Phone718-567-8808
Ira Mayer, MD Gasteroenterology Phone718-891-0100
Enrique Monsanto, MD Orthopedics Phone718-771-1765
Amir Mor, MD GYN/IVF Phone718-283-8600
Sam Moskowitz, MD Gasteroenterology Phone718-338-2621
Allison Polland, MD Urology Phone718-283-5939
Afshin E. Razi, MD Orthopedic/Pain Management Phone718-283-2225
Rebecca Rhee, MD Colorectal Surgery Phone718-283-7602
David Rosenblum, MD Pain Management Phone718-283-6000
Katherine Ross, MD GYN/IVF Phone718-283-8600
Ramin Sadeghpour, MD Orthopedics Phone718-283-7400
Ahmed Saleh, MD Orthopedic/Pain Management Phone718-283-7400
Victor Sasson, MD Orthopedics Phone718-375-0011
Gary Schwartz, MD Pain Management Phone718-436-7246
Jaspreet Sekhon, MD Orthopedics Phone718-258-2588
Gary Sherman, DPM Podiatry Phone718-425-7100
Daniel Sherwinter, MD General Surgery Phone718-283-8656
Jonathan Silver, MD Orthopedics Phone929-455-2000
Ronald Soave, DPM Podiatry Phone718-283-7400
Yacov Stollman, MD Gasteroenterology Phone718-234-3333
James J. Tucci, MD Orthopedics Phone718-283-7400
Gila Weinstein, MD Plastic Surgery Phone718-207-0862
Jason Wong, MD Orthopedics Phone718-283-7400