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Newsweek Ranks Brooklyn Surgery Center as #1 in Brooklyn

Brooklyn Surgery Center is a modern, state-of-the-art, multispecialty surgery center providing expert medical care in the heart of Brooklyn, New York.

It was established by a group of physicians who wanted to help meet the needs of patients who require outpatient surgery in a convenient, safe, local, neighborhood facility. The surgery center was designed for doctors, with a focus on helping patients complete surgeries and ambulatory procedures in a safe, timely way, supported by a strong in-house medical team.

This commitment to excellence paid off when Newsweek ranked Brooklyn Surgery Center the #1 ambulatory surgery center for 2021 in Brooklyn, New York. For that, we thank our doctors, our surgical teams, our patient care professionals, and all those who work so hard to maintain the standards necessary to be #1.

The Professional Physicians and surgeons tell us that they choose Ambulatory Brooklyn Surgery Center because it helps them practice medicine efficiently, safely, and conveniently, meeting both their needs and the needs of their patients with an “extra personal” touch.

Our state-of-the-art facility was designed with the doctor and patient in mind. The check-in and waiting areas are rich in color and texture with clean, smooth lines that suggest calm, luxury, and comfort. The doctor’s quarters and operating areas are sleek, carefully sanitized, up to date, furnished with everything doctors or surgeons might needs to help their patients effectively, safely, and quickly.

Although a majority of our physicians and doctors specialize in Gastroenterology and Orthopedics, they also choose us for General Surgery, Colorectal Surgery, Podiatry, Pain Management, Plastic Surgery, Urology, In vitro Fertilization / Gynecology Procedures, and Pediatric Urology.


Registration at Ambulatory Brooklyn Surgery Center
Nurse Facility at Brooklyn Surgery Center
Registration at Ambulatory Brooklyn Surgery Center
Check in reception at Brooklyn surgery center
Lounge and waiting rooms at Brooklyn Surgery Center
Main lounge room at Brooklyn Surgery Center
Operating room at Brooklyn Surgery Center
Modern operating room at Brooklyn Surgery Center
Main lounge facility at Brooklyn Surgery Center
Registration at Ambulatory Brooklyn Surgery Center
Nurse Facility at Brooklyn Surgery Center
Check in reception at Brooklyn surgery center
Nurse station beds at Brooklyn Surgery Center
Lounge space at Brooklyn Surgery Center
Lounge room at Brooklyn Surgery Center
Nurse and beds at Brooklyn Surgery Center
Operating room at Brooklyn Surgery Center
Modern operating room at Brooklyn Surgery Center
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Jack Choueka, M.D.

The caring and compassionate staff at the Brooklyn Surgery Center go the extra mile to make the patient experience incredible. The doctors and nurses are all highly skilled. Patients consistently tell me how happy they were to have had their care there. The facility is absolutely beautiful, and the people are so nice, making it an absolute pleasure to work there. I couldn't be happier for me and my patients

David Rosenblum, M.D.

I found that the Brooklyn Surgery Center’s staff was extremely sensitive to my patients’ needs and did a fantastic job relating to the patients while alleviating their anxieties on the day of a procedure. It is truly a pleasure to perform Interventional Pain Management at Brooklyn Surgery Center.

Victor Sasson, M.D.

They go the extra distance at Brooklyn Surgery Center and think about the important little things I like to have in the operating room. It’s an extra level of service that makes me feel like they really care. They even have my favorite coffee.

Calogero Gambino, M.D. Orthopedist

While I am unwinding on my drive home from Brooklyn Surgery Center I reflect on the day I just had. It’s consistently a positive, enjoyable experience performing surgeries and caring for my patients there. The days are busy and productive but at the same time enjoyable. The staff are skilled, hard-working, and efficient and patients often provide compliments about how pleasant they are.


Participating Insurances

Brooklyn Surgery Center participates as a participating provider or as an in-network provider with the plans listed below. If yours is not here, please contact us at

1199 National Benefit Fund

Empire Blue Cross Blue Shields PPO Plans only

Health Care Partners


United Healthcare



HIP Heritage


United Healthcare Medicare Complete



Health First


US Department of Labor


Empire Plan





Healthplus / Amerigroup



WTC Program



Organization involved in study and treatment of disorders of the gastrointestinal tract.

Advancing the Science and Practice of Gastroenterology

The America Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (ASGE) is committed to establishing itself as the voice for legislative and regulatory issues pertaining to endoscopic practice and patient care.


The Health Care Proxy Law: A Guidebook for Health Care Professionals

Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care, Inc. (AAAHC)
Medical society for specialty of physical medicine and rehabilitation. Resources for doctors and patients, information regarding …


The Maimonides Bone & Joint Center offers comprehensive care for all orthopaedic needs, from sprains and strains to reconstructive surgery and joints

Speciality society for orthopaedic surgeons with training and interest in the prevention and treatment of foot and ankle conditions.

Medical organiation for orthopedic surgeons provides patient information on injuries and diseases of the bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles, and nerves


Amr Abdelgawad, MD, MBA Orthopedics Phone 718-283-7400
Wallen Chan, MD Gasteroenterology Phone 718-448-1122
Tendai M. Chiware, MD GYN/IVF Phone718-283-8600
Jack Choueka, MD Orthopedics Phone718-283-7400
Glen Donovan, DPM Podiatry Phone718-425-7100
David M. Edelstein, MD Orthopedics Phone718-283-7400
Orry Erez, MD Orthopedics Phone718-283-7400
Richard Fazio, MD Gasteroenterology Phone718-748-2110
Joseph Felicia, MD Orthopedics Phone718-283-7400
Marian Fleischer, MD Colorectal Surgery Phone718-836-3603
Jamie Freyle, MD Peds Urology Phone718-833-2600
Steven Friedman, MD Peds Urology Phone718-283-7743
Elliot Fuhrer, MD Gasteroenterology Phone718-972-9115
Calogero Gambino, MD Orthopedics Phone929-455-2000
David Gleirman, DPM Podiatry Phone718-434-0007
Richard V. Grazi, MD GYN/IVF Phone718-748-2110
Jack Husney, MD Gasteroenterology Phone718-872-5270
Kadirawel Iswara, MD Gasteroenterology Phone718-615-0400
Kevin Kang, MD Orthopedics Phone718-283-7400
Himansh Khanna, MD Urology Phone347-889-6640
Jacob L. Khurgin, MD Urology Phone718-283-7711
Robert Kodsi, MD Gasteroenterology Phone718-851-6767
Seth Lapin, DO Gasteroenterology Phone718-972-1840
Alvin Leb, MD Gasteroenterology Phone718-336-2218
Ira Mayer, MD Gasteroenterology Phone718-891-0100
Amir Mor, MD GYN/IVF Phone718-283-8600
Sam Moskowitz, MD Gasteroenterology Phone718-338-2621
Allison Polland, MD Urology Phone718-283-5939
Afshin E. Razi, MD Orthopedic/Pain Management Phone718-283-2225
Rebecca Rhee, MD Colorectal Surgery Phone718-283-7602
David Rosenblum, MD Pain Management Phone718-283-6000
Katherine Ross, MD GYN/IVF Phone718-283-8600
Ramin Sadeghpour, MD Orthopedics Phone718-283-7400
Ahmed Saleh, MD Orthopedic/Pain Management Phone718-283-7400
Victor Sasson, MD Orthopedics Phone718-375-0011
Gary Schwartz, MD Pain Management Phone718-436-7246
Jaspreet Sekhon, MD Orthopedics Phone718-258-2588
Gary Sherman, DPM Podiatry Phone718-425-7100
Daniel Sherwinter, MD General Surgery Phone718-283-8656
Jonathan Silver, MD Orthopedics Phone929-455-2000
Ronald Soave, DPM Podiatry Phone718-283-7400
Yacov Stollman, MD Gasteroenterology Phone718-234-3333
James J. Tucci, MD Orthopedics Phone718-283-7400
Gila Weinstein, MD Plastic Surgery Phone718-207-0862
Jason Wong, MD Orthopedics Phone718-283-7400